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You're ready to leave the big smoke.

You love the city. In fact, you consider yourself a “city person”. But recently, all the things you loved about the place have disappeared. 

You’re paying a premium price to be near things that aren't what they used to be.

It's shocking… and kind of depressing.

The majority of your wage goes towards your cost of living, just so you can live in the city.

You feel stuck.


The reality is that you could sell your condo or house right now, leave the city, pay significantly less for a home and upgrade your “work from home lifestyle”. You could become closer to retiring or claiming your next dream than you ever thought was possible.


If you can work from anywhere, why not live first and work from The Work from Home Capital of Canada*?

Are you ready to leave the big smoke?

Rock the PJs on a lunch time nature walk with Rover.

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