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OK, you are ready!

Congratulations! It looks like you're ready to seriously consider making a change to your work from home lifestyle by relocating to Owen Sound. Your work is about to get a whole lot more comfortable

Now that you've identified an opportunity in the making, here is some info that will help you truly see how relocating your home (and remote work) to Owen Sound could be the best thing to happen for you this year! 

Bet you didn't know working could be this comfortable!

Get your jammy jams on!

You're a work from home pro, and we want you to look the part. We really want smart, stylish people in our town. Scroll down to apply to get your very own pair of rockin' jammies. 


Even the mayor is rockin the biz jammies!


Official Owen Sound Business Jammies are sold out.

But, if you'd like to receive more information on relocating to Owen Sound, fill out the form below. 

Thanks for getting comfortable with us!

Have a coworker that needs more comfort this year? Tell them about us!


Always ready for those household chores.


Closing deals in style in the downtown.


Rock the PJs on a lunch time nature walk with Rover.


Grabbing your morning coffee like it's nobody's business. 


Getting business done while catching a game.


They'll never know you're rockin' your jammies!

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