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Hey work from homer!

It looks like you just discovered The Work From Home Capital of Canada*. We know that in these crazy times working from home is probably your new normal. If so why not upgrade your 'normal'? 
Remember the days when you used to commute to the office, finish a days work and then head home to relax? Now you literally live at your office. You're always 'on'.  Bet you never planned to spend all day in your existing home with no division between your home and work life.  

Work is hard enough, which is why this is the perfect time to move to The Work From Home Capital of Canada* and make your life a little easier.
It's a place so comfortable that you'll notice your neighbours putting out the trash in a suit jacket and pajama pants because hey- they're making work from home as enjoyable (and easy) as possible. Reality is, business is from the waist up, so why bother with pants?
We prefer to keep it real… real comfortable as working from home is our jam...well jammies.
So, are you comfortable enough to get started?

Always ready for those household chores.

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